Sunday September 22, 2019

About the Pufahl Farricker Spirit Foundation

We were devastated when we got the email from our dear friend and teammate Peter “Wheels” Farricker that told us of his ALS diagnosis. Once past the shock and tears, we rallied around our friend. We visited frequently, witnessing his slow, inevitable glide path of diminishing function. We held a celebration of life a couple of months before he succumbed. We passed the hat for his 4-year-old son’s college fund. We participated in his brother’s Ride to Defeat ALS. When Kathy Pufahl, another dear friend in our circle, passed away from brain cancer, we invited our sisters to join our emerging Foundation both to support those suffering from terminal illnesses and to honor the Spirit of the Game that they both held dear and for which they were exemplary role models.

We’ve created the Spirit Ride that piggybacks on Myke’s Ride to Defeat ALS, but includes folks anywhere really, who want to participate and have raised over $200,000 over the years. The lion’s share of those funds has been directed to hospice services as we appreciated the care and comfort that came our friends’ way.

We also direct our energies and funds to support Ultimate’s Spirit of the Game ethos and organizations that enhance it.

  1. We created and endowed Spirit of the Game Awards at that are announced annually at the US National Championships the highest level of our sport in Pete and Kathy’s names.
  2. We made a five-figure donation to the Girls Ultimate Movement (GUM), honoring Kathy’s pioneering work to create and run the Women’s division of the sport
  3. We support Ultimate Peace, a group that runs camps in the Middle East to bring young people of diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds together to recognize differences and teach conflict resolution through the Spirit of the Game.

Thank you for your interest in and support of the work we are doing.