Always the last Sunday in September

Why Ride?

The Goal of the Pufahl Farricker Spirit Ride

The Spirit Ride aims to tap into the reason we were all attracted to ultimate in the first place, namely the Spirit of the Game. Ultimate’s ethos has attracted kindred spirits and has influenced thousands. In honor of two of those kindred spirits whose lives were tragically taken before their time, we have created Spirit of the Game Awards at the highest level of our sport in Pete and Kathy’s names.

There are several goals of the Spirit Ride. The first is to fund an endowment to enable awarding of these Spirit of the Game awards in perpetuity. A second and equally important goal is to benefit those suffering from ALS and Cancer, the diseases that claimed Pete and Kathy. Third, and collateral to these goals, in creating and promoting these rides we’ve tapped into the Spirit of the Game that resides in all of us, and are rekindling connection.

So spend a morning with us and your friends, supporting the Spirit of the Game, remembering Pete and Kathy and other loved ones in your lives, and contributing to helping others suffering from two terrible diseases

Pete Farricker

Peter "Wheels" Farricker was a person of great spirit — teammate, friend, brother, son, husband and father. He was a gifted athlete, winning the National and World Ultimate Frisbee Championships and twice was a two-time club champion in golf. Pete was funny, smart, and kind, and attracted people with a welcoming ease. It was his sense of humor and charisma that first engaged us as we got to know him in the ultimate community. Then his courage, dignity and humility inspired us as he battled and eventually succumbed to ALS. In his memory, former teammates and opponents gathered to form this foundation and launch this Spirit Ride.

Kathy Pufahl

Kathy Pufahl was a loving inspiration to all who knew her. She was a driving force in the early days of women’s ultimate and the UPA - serving as the second Women’s’ National Director and first UPA Managing Director - and helped foster the spirit of the game we know today. She ran tournaments, wrote and mailed newsletters, and organized the women's college division. On the field, Kathy helped build women's Ultimate and several of its early teams, setting the pace for high-quality and fair play. Kathy built a life on Long Island raising a loving family, and was a driven entrepreneur founding a highly successful horticultural business.