well the first Boulder Spirit Ride is a wrap -- here's the group, 10 of us (including camera woman), smiling into a light rain as we set off some of these face might be recognizable, left to right: Brian Murphy, Buzz Ellsworth, John Lynch, Randy Ricks, Lori ?, Phil Lohre, Tina McDowell, me, Kelly most of the best image capture is short video clips -- i'll upload a few of them later to YouTube because they really tell the story of the saga of this slog errrr ride

everything went pretty well until we got to this muck monster -- the pic doesn't really do it justice. nobody made it up or even came close -- the mud was like clay

allegedly there is a wheel in this picture, but whatever this immobile thing is, it doesn't roll at all and wheels are supposed to do that, right (who the hell chose this route?

this pic mostly shows happy people, although we'd already lost 2 riders -- i due to tire problems early and the other wisely turned around at the mud hill because she had good sense

here we are 2 hours into a round trip ride planned for 2 hours total and we still hadn't even reached the midway point -- after lots of little stops and discussions along the way, and much walking of bikes thru impossible to ride mud, by very strong consensus we abandoned all that positive we-can-do-it crap and just bailed back to the road

here's Kel, taking her turn hosing glop off in the backyard -- the ride was fun, in an unexpected, we're-all-together-in-this-slog sort of way, but everyone was ready to go indoors

at the end of the day, we were all happy to be alive and with friends and Buzz & I did a couple of little remembrance toasts to Kathy and Pete

here's our little 'entry station', with a few pics and articles, and waivers and wristbands .... and a bowl of old folks candy (Advil)

all in all, a very successful event, even though EVERYONE knows you don't go mountainbiking in the rain. but we've got a nice little base of folks who all seemed to agree that it was cool to be part of something special in this first year and everyone thinks it's going to be a much bigger event here next year

good luck with today's rides and events -- i'm sure we'll have lots of different variations on the details, but perhaps similar emotions -- it's a really great thing we're doing