Good morning!
It was a beauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutiful day in Camino yesterday (high of 85), and the ride went without a hitch--save the baby rattlesnake Pez's husband David found in the yard... no casualties, thanks to his quick boot to the head.

We had a group of 11-- Pez, her husband David and their daughter Bay (11), Me, my husband Gary and our son Wyatt (3), bike riding friends- ranging in knowledge of the sport from one who thought it was frisbee golf to another who played intramural ultimate at UCSB. The larger group did a beautiful but challenging 16.5 miler (half uphill with a climb of 1500 feet, the other half a glorious downhill); the smaller group (including me and little Wyatt) joined Dad Jerry and his kids Brianna (8) and Colin (5) on the local bike path and home-made cross country trails, then for some baseball at the local elementary school. All was followed by an afternoon of fun, food, and conversation about the spirits of our dear friends and our dear sport.

Photos to come soon! (ed: see them in the gallery)

Cheers to Kathy and Wheels--wonderful to know you all were out there with us celebrating.