The LA Spirit Ride was a small but spirited contingent consisting of Cheryl Wold, her daughter, Janna, my son Jack, myself and the Spirit of the Game. Our modest trek took us from Ocean Park in Santa Monica to Will Rodgers Beach in Pacific Palisades and back to dine on Caribbean food at Cha Cha Chicken. Along the way we swung on rings, had a little beach dance party, got some air and encountered a woman taking her duck to the beach. To honor Wheel's Cali heritage, it was very much a left coast kinda day.

I knew that the Spirit of Game was successfully being passed to the next generation when Jack, playing DJ in the car, started off the day with Rudy Can't Fail. Janna certainly did her part as proved by this Spirit dance video

The pics and video are on the Spirit Ride Facebook group page and in this gallery.

Thanks to everyone who help turn this great cause into a national event.

This disc will not stop spinning.

-Chris aka Kool AidE